My First Project

My first goal on this web site was to be able focus my work on one location. Well I have created the first level of ,y Action Script 3.0 game. Is it worth doing more than 1 level. Not so sure. I think it would be easier if I had created a game where you would shoot things, instead of just throwing bananas at them..or perhaps a puzzle game.

Still it is always good to finish what you start so maybe I will create three levels, integrate with Kongregate and move onto the next think. System so far can be played at


See this is what I meant the site to be for. Now. I think Bayonetta. Haven’t played it for a week and been too busy talking to Aci the past 90 minutes…visiting parents to get anything done. First..fix the gibs heart bug..Add the 8 bit collective music from  this guy and fact now Bayonetta


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