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Holidaying in East Java

May 17, 2012


I have been writing the previous two posts offline while visiting the in-laws in East Java. Even out here you could get internet via an Edge quality dongle  in fact my wife’s Uncle has it. Unfortunately I’d need to go some distance and hire a car to get a dongle for myself.

So it has been 11 days now since I have been offline, but even out here you can be contacted regarding your life back home…via SMS…some issues to sort out once I get back on top of work. So in between using my Asus Eee PC netbook for blog updates and some Grails learning (timesheet system) I have been taking part in village life

Over here the celebrate/commemorate lots of things…a wedding happens twice..once for the bride and once for the groom..there are multiple celebrations for babies…our soon had his 7 months celebration …also when someone dies there is a commemeration again 3 monthes after they died…..Still I notice more young people getting work outside the village.

Picture 001

My wife is on the right and the baby is my soon. That is my wife’s Auntie. Below is a picture of a Wedding tent here..we had one like that  a good 20 months ago

Picture 002

Just outside the inlaws house this one.