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Gamerservices component

May 25, 2012

I have been having an awful time deploying my application. It seems I have a reference to gamerservices in my code which means my game will only deploy to an XNA development machine. You would think this restriction would not be in XNA. There is alot to be said for flash or HTML 5 games. No deployment or distribution issues . Never had this issue with my flixel game herding monkies



March 3, 2010

Started on XNA . Visual Studio XNA is a wonderful environment, so easy to plug in existing C# routines such as a suffix tree. This will be useful for my word game as I can use it to searxch through the dictionary. In fact I already got that working, now draw the word tiles.

Will be somewhat different to the flixel flash platform game Herding Monkies. there is some differences, no built in 2D physics….Built in 2D, gamepad controls though.

On the Flixel point it is nice to see Gravity Hook coming out 🙂

Ohh has a way to come.

It will get there

Bye Bye Flash

February 23, 2010

And now I put my game out,

Looks like it takes a bit more work crafting a game that will make a lot. The takings for the Herding Monkies game is about 52 cents. Making money out of this sort of thing is possible though I suspect it requires a bit more work, maybe a professional artist and if you are lucky you should make about 1500 dollars at that.

Still it will stand me on good ground for my next game which I think I will do in XNA. That way it is good experience doing .Net. It will be word based, two player split screen and should be playable by anyone.